Company - Energy Management (ISO 50001)

As part of our corporate duty of care with regard to an energy management system (EMS), we define our corporate principles as follows:

The application of the EMS ensures that all organizational, commercial and technical activities that have an impact on energy are recorded, planned, controlled and monitored. In addition, contractually agreed requirements are met.

The EMS we practice implements the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. The structure corresponds to this standard, the content requirements of which are also to be applied in contractual agreements with our customers.

With this declaration, the management commits all employees to carry out their activities in accordance with the descriptions in the applicable documents. This ensures that the strategic and operational energy targets for energy management (EM) are met.

The energy policy principles described the strategic direction of the company in the context of its energy policy. This section defines and establishes the principles of the company's energy policy. This includes, for example, that the implementation and maintenance of an Energy Management System (EMS) is coordinated and monitored by the Executive Board.

We strive for energy-efficient and environmentally compatible solutions for our products and their manufacture. Therefore, we are guided by the state of the art in all environmental protection and energy management measures. We include our suppliers and contractual partners in this objective.

We want to optimize our energy consumption in the long term, use energy efficiently and strive to increase energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process. To implement these goals, we are introducing an energy management system.

Energy management requires responsible employees at all levels who actively cooperate and think along with the implementation. The company management and employees are committed to implementing the energy policy principles described.

Responsibility for the introduction and implementation of the energy management system lies with the management. It arranges for the creation and maintenance of the EMS on the basis of the defined corporate goals and guidelines. The Energy Management Officer (EMO) is the management representative responsible for the application, maintenance and further development of the EMS.

The main tasks and powers of the officer are known to the employees and relate to the following key activities:

  • Ensuring compliance with the respective applicable legal requirements in the context of the applied energy management system.
  • Planning, initiating, conducting and documenting audits
  • Coordination of the technical cooperation with external certification bodies and professional associations
  • Advising the management and training the employees/auditors in energy-relevant points
  • Definition, documentation, qualification, monitoring and optimization (continuous improvement) of the EMS
  • Consideration of European and international requirements with regard to energy efficiency
  • Periodic reporting to the company management

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015